Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Science daily reported on the results of a brief Swedish study that found a paleo-type diet beats the much-lauded Mediterranean-type diet when it comes to controlling blood sugar. 29 participants, each with glucose intolerance and coronary artery disease (and some with type 2 diabetes), were split into 2 groups and instructed to follow either a paleo diet, with no grains or dairy, or a Mediterranean diet with lots of whole grains and low fat dairy. After three months, the paleo eaters had normal blood glucose, and a much lower blood sugar response to dietary carbohydrates. They also lost more inches around the waist.
After reading the Primal Blueprint book I am convinced paleo/primal is the way to go.. I will be avoiding grains like the plague. I will post more about what exactly primal/paleo eating is over the next few posts. There is a lot of information on the internet so you can also search around as well. It is becoming hugely popular and is showing some significant results.
More to come.
Hope all is well :)
Friday, June 25, 2010
Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile. I have been busy reading this book, along with enjoying my life :)
So.. I am currently reading this book at the moment.. It has changed my entire perspective of how I eat and exercise. It is the greatest book I have ever read and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in being the healthiest, and energized individual.
It is basically about going back to where we were 10,000 years ago. Fossil records shows us that our genes are similar to our ancestors 10,000-15,000 years ago. There was a time where ancestors could not gather enough meats to survive off so they had to start domesticating. They started cultivating wheat, corn etc. Records shows that by eating wheat and grains, our brain sizes have actually shrunk, our bone density has decreased and we are more prone to getting infections and other illnesses.
With the way people eat and the advice we get from doctors, nutritionists etc, it has made this world a disaster zone, people are bigger than ever and sicker than ever. People go on all sorts of diets trying to lose weight but stop because it is to hard to sustain and are not seeing the results they want, a year later they are still not satisfied with their weight and will try a different diet, they will lose a bit of weight but will stop again because they couldn't resit the cake a friend was offering. People get told by their doctors they need to go on a low fat diet and start taking medications because they have high cholesterol levels and if they don't get it under control they are at a high chance of suffering a heart attack. People live a continuous stressful life, sleep 6 hours a night, have a poor diet and rarely exercise and wonder why they are continuously tried, can't lose weight and have digestive problems.
This book will prove everything that you heard about nutrition wrong, he backs everything up with scientific evidence that will blow your mind. He will show you the correct way of living healthily and will connect you with your ancestors.
The primal blueprint is about eating high fat, moderate amounts of protein and small amounts of carbohydrates. Mark will show you that we do not "need" so much carbohydrates that we get told to eat. Weight loss is all about insulin. If you decide not to read this book, thats fine, but just take away one message; "carbohydrates drives insulin, insulin increases fat". He will show that the preferred source of energy is actually dietary fat. Who knew? This isn't the same as the infamous "Atkin's" diet. You are still getting your carbohydrates from an abundant and limitless supply of fruit and vegetables but it is not creating such an insulin spike that grains do; thats include whole grains, it also has much less calories than grains and other carbohydrates. The fruit and vegetables supply antioxidants, fiber, and they also increase your glycogen stores. If you are eating too much carbohydrates your body will store it as fat, its as simple as that!
Mark will bust all the myths about "saturated fats are bad for you", he will also get you off the treadmill where you spend an hour and a half of your day on. He will show that long duration cardio actually puts too much stress on your body and you will be asking for an injury.
I could honestly rave about this book all day. But you wont know what buzz I am on until you read it. It is a fascinating book and I am also saving up for the cookbook that has just come out.
Let me know if you have read it to and what you thought of it. :) :)
Enjoy. Hope all is well.

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