Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Science daily reported on the results of a brief Swedish study that found a paleo-type diet beats the much-lauded Mediterranean-type diet when it comes to controlling blood sugar. 29 participants, each with glucose intolerance and coronary artery disease (and some with type 2 diabetes), were split into 2 groups and instructed to follow either a paleo diet, with no grains or dairy, or a Mediterranean diet with lots of whole grains and low fat dairy. After three months, the paleo eaters had normal blood glucose, and a much lower blood sugar response to dietary carbohydrates. They also lost more inches around the waist.
After reading the Primal Blueprint book I am convinced paleo/primal is the way to go.. I will be avoiding grains like the plague. I will post more about what exactly primal/paleo eating is over the next few posts. There is a lot of information on the internet so you can also search around as well. It is becoming hugely popular and is showing some significant results.
More to come.
Hope all is well :)


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