Wednesday, September 8, 2010
primal 30day challenge 1
Some of you guys know I am a fan of The Primal Blueprint/
I normally do not usually get involved with these challenges but now that it is coming up to summer.. It is time to get into shape once and for all.
I am so excited to do this challenge. The rules I supply below are from the book The Primal Blueprint. If you want to learn more, buy the book.
Challenge #1: Eat lots of Plants and Animals
Eating right is the most important aspect to this challenge. 80% of results are due to what you put into your body.
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, meat, healthy fats: This one is pretty straight forward. In order to lose weight and tone up, you need to nourish your body with the best foods. It's only 30 days, you can do it. Your body will thank you for it.
  • Cook at home: This is essential.. You are in charge of what you feed your body over the next 30 days. If you are one that always goes out for dinner, you wont know what they have put in your dish. This could hold your results back. You need to know what goes in and the only way to know, is to cook it yourself. If you aren't the best cook, it does not matter. You just need to be able to cook this basics. has lots of easy and delicious meals anyone can make. As you start to learn how to cook and get better at it, it will start to become a habit.
  • Eat clean: The quality of food matters. While sourcing clean food (organic, grass-fed, pastured, etc.) can be difficult and pricey it's also important part of the Primal Blueprint. Let me be clear. If your eating plan strictly consists of Primal foods, but your beef isn’t grass-finished, your eggs aren’t pastured and your vegetables are conventionally raised, you are still light years ahead of most people. But there’s room for improvement. This month I want you find and eat clean food.
  • Dial in your carb count: If you've already read the Primal Blueprint you are familiar to the carbohydrate curve. I want you to take a closer look at your carb intake and make sure it aligns with the Curve. It’s the simplest, surefire way to drop excess body fat and stay lean for life.
  • Remember the 80/20: Not all neolithic food is poisonous. Additionally, the Primal Blueprint and this challenge isn’t about becoming an ascetic. Periodically indulge in sensible vices – high-fat dairy/cheese, dark chocolate, red wine – and take full advantage of state-of-the-science supplements – fish oils, high-antioxidant multivitamins, protein powders.It will make the challenge more pleasant, the transition easier and will support your health to boot.
Challenge #2: Avoid Poisonous Things
  • Don’t eat garbage: This is the other side of the first challenge above. If you are eating Primal you aren’t eating chips, cookies, crackers, grains, pasta, beans, bread, popcorn, energy drinks, soda, juices, candy, vegetable oils and fast food. The list goes on. If you want to go Primal the first thing to do is purge your pantry, your fridge and your life of all the junk that has no place in your body. Do it for 30 days. I promise it gets easier and you’ll want to keep doing it because you’ll look and feel better.
Challenge #3: Move frequently at a Slow Pace
  • Just move: It’s that simple. Just get out there and move. Even if it is just taking the dogs for a walk or swimming. Anything that keeps your heart rate below 75% of your maximum rate.
Challenge #4: Lift heavy things
  • Lift your body: If you want to build lean muscle mass and stay strong into your golden years you have to lift heavy things. Align your weightlifting routine with Primal Blueprint Fitness and perform two bodyweight workouts each week.
Challenge #5: Sprint once in awhile
  • Just move… very fast!: Too many people neglect to include sprinting in their workout routines. They’re the perfect Primal fitness hack that can be done in as little as 10 minutes. I challenge you to perform one sprint workout each week during this challenge.
Challenge #6: Get adequate sleep
  • Make sleep high priority: Late nights at the office. Late nights partying. Late nights… watching TV. Whether it’s business or pleasure, we’re busier than ever and sleep is often the first thing to suffer. I challenge you to get adequate sleep every night this month. What amounts to adequate is for you to decide. I think most people know how much sleep they need. Some people get by on six hours a night no problem. Others need eight or more. The important thing is you wake up feeling energized and ready to go.
Challenge #7: Play
  • Get playful: If you’ve forgotten how to play, this challenge will jog your memory. For the stress-reducing effects, to get you moving without even realizing you’re moving and for the sheer fun of it.
Challenge #8: Get adequate sunlight
  • Soak in the rays: It’s difficult to emphasize enough the importance of vitamin D. In a world where we go from our houses to our cars, from our cars to the office place, from the office place to our cars and back home again many of us are woefully deficient. My challenge to you this month is to get 15 minutes of sun exposure each day of the 30-day challenge. If sun is hard to come by in your area take a supplement instead.
Challenge #9: Avoid stupid mistakes
  • Listen to your body: This is such a broad Primal Blueprint law the challenge could take many directions. For the purpose of this 30-day challenge, though, I’d like you tobe particularly aware of what your body is telling you during each of the other challenges. Feel a sharp pain during a sprint? Be smart and end your sprint session. Skin turning pink while out in the sun? That’s a sign to seek shade and avoid a nasty burn. I want this to be a pain and injury free event, so pay particular attention to what your body is saying.
Challenge #10: Use your brain
  • Challenge yourself intellectually: I won’t ask you to throw out your television or read War and Peace this month. But I will say that you are gifted with a huge brain, and you should flex it. We each have the power to solve difficult problems, be incredibly creative, and effect major change. And it all begins in our heads. This month I challenge you to identify one of the intellectually challenging things in your life you’ve been meaning to do and take the first steps to actually doing it. Apart from the pride and satisfaction you’ll derive from following through there are many health benefits conferred as a result. As the saying goes, use it or lose it.
I hope you guys will do this with me. It wont be impossible to do and your body will thank you in many ways. Leave us a comment and lets create a motivating environment to complete this challenge.


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