Monday, October 25, 2010
According to “America’s Sexiest Fitness Mom”, there are certain traits men love in a women, that go much deeper than just looks. Read on as you’ll be shocked by what men go ga-ga for. These “must do” rules bust the myths of what women must do to get and keep a man!
Read on and see if you got the main personality traits that make you irresistible to the opposite sex!


Men love a women who have a strong sense of self, yet without being full of herself. Confidence isn’t something you are born with. Rather, you create it within yourself. So ladies, practice your “super woman” walk, and strut your stuff boldly by walking as if you have an invisible cape flowing off your back. Speak with authority. Say what you want with meaning. Carry yourself as you are extremely important without looking stuck up. Men find this positive energy as sexy, desirable and attractive. Last note: don’t confuse being cocky with being confident!

Shows self love

Men love a women who know their own self worth. So ladies, every morning make a mental list of what you are doing right in your life. Your “benefits & features” of your personality will then shine through. This will naturally put up your “Im hot and worthy” signals out, attracting men to you from all around!

Has self respect

Men love a women who looks well groomed and put together without the super stuffy aura . So ladies, don’t go overboard with the hair and makeup. Leave that to the heavy metal rock stars. Rather aim to go for a classic clean look that exudes a natural sexiness. Why “scream” sexiness with your look when you can gently “whisper” it? Again, leave the extreme looks to Lady Gaga…

Down to earth, yet driven by her goals

Men love a woman who is relatable and easy going. However she must also have her own life, and her own goals. So men really value a woman who is simple and humble, yet also is ambitious but with integrity.


Sounds cliché, but it’s true. To keep a man, you have to be trust worthy and honest. Yes, the chase may be fun, and to keep a man on his toes wondering if you are really into him. Yet, in the long run being honest goes a long long way.

Knows how to laugh

Most men appreciate a woman who can always enjoy a good chuckle with a group of friends, and who blends into the fun. I remember when one of my hubby’s friends brought a new girl around to our group on a night out. She was stiff and stale, and never laughed with the group. Needless to say, she didn’t last long. Being in a relationship needs to be fun. Dating is not another dreaded job or work. So put on your happy face and laugh more often.

Shows Enthusiasm

A lot of women are afraid of looking too eager . So we actually turn down our level of interest because we are afraid we will scare them off. However, men don’t like it when you end up looking like you don’t care. Men don’t want a mediocre relationship filled with low level energy. They want a revved up and super charged women to brag about to their friends and feel proud about.

Is Passionate

It’s true, men love sex. But a man can pretty much get sex anywhere, anytime. What a man really wants is the passion in the act of love making. So show your inner sexy siren by going above and beyond the normal hanky panky act by making him really feel special. Aim to making not only his penis happy, but his heart too by really showing that you care for him by loving ALL of him. To sum it up: If you want glue in your relationship, point out and appreciate what others see as negatives. So next time you are alone, compliment his scars, his birthmarks and his uneven hair line. This works every time!

Is Not Jealous

Men squirm when a woman is too overbearing. Being jealous is a big no-no! Men don’t like a women who are insecure. Instead, they appreciate a women who is secure in herself. So when you are out with your man, aim not to become uneasy or threatened when other women are in sight. Rather pull the energy back to you by your proud body language by smiling, laughing and owning it!


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