Monday, April 26, 2010
So we all know I am on a health craze at the moment. I am trying to get as lean and toned as possible in 3 months- preparation for wedding dress shopping!
Some people have been asking me what exactly am I doing to tone up?
Every Sunday I plan what exercise routines I am going to do for the week. The saying goes- "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I know how real that saying is so I like to plan ahead. You plan ahead your summer vacation, so why would you not plan to stay fit? I like planning because when it comes time to doing my workout, I'm not fluffing around and not knowing what to do. If you don't know what you are doing, you wont have set a goal and it will be easy to pull out when it gets tough because "mentally" you are not prepared. It is all there written down for me, I just have to get out there and do it!!!
So this is my workout plan for the week: If you don't know what some of these exercises are, google them or search YouTube.
Monday: Repeat this cycle 3 times
10 x Body weight squats
8 x Push ups
10 x Bent over row
30sec Plank
15 x Kettlebell swings
Jump rope- 8 rounds or 20secs of work and 10secs of rest
Wednesday: Repeat cycle 3 times
Turkish get ups- 3 per side
Step ups- 12 per leg
Kettlebell clean and press- 8 per arm
Single arm front squat with Kettlebell- 5 per arm
15 x Kettlebell swings
20 x Medicine ball twists
Friday: Repeat cycle 3 times
30sec Plank
One arm bent over row- 8 per arm
Stationary lunges- 10 per leg
Kettlebell chest press- 8 per arm
Alternating overhead press- 5 per arm
10 x Explosive box squats
20 x Alternating swings
As you can see I am only working out 3 days a week. But just because I have nothing planned for the other days, does not mean I'm not going to do anything!! I like to call the days with no planned exercise an "active rest day". Meaning I will still be active, doing house work, walking the dogs etc.
So, its one thing having an impressive workout routine but the real results come from what you eat!! Here is an example of what I will eat during the day. Remember, it depends on what you are doing during the day that determines how much calories you need to eat. If you are doing an intense workout and are busy all day then you need to eat more, the more you eat, the more you lose. But if you are having an active rest day, you need to watch what you eat. If you are having a cheat meal, make sure its on the day you are exercising so you can burn it off!
Anywho, heres some insight on what to eat when eating clean:
Breakast: 1/2 cup dry oatmeal (soaked over night), with honey, bee pollen, ground flax seed, and fruit. 2 boiled eggs.
Snack: Apple and mixed nuts
Lunch: Salad- leafy greens, flax seed, salmon or tuna, tomato, red capsicums and cut up carrots. Dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. And fruit.
Snack: Canned chicken and carrot sticks dipped in yoghurt cheese
Dinner: Chicken breast, kumera and broccoli.
If still a little bit hungry before bed, have a small bowl of Kefir with chopped up fruit.
As you can see, I am always peering complex carbohydrates with protein (thats the secret to staying satisfied and not getting cravings in the afternoon).
What are your exercise routines and what do you eat during the day??


Anonymous said...

if you are looking to loose weight the answer is simple. Your calories in should be less than your calories out. As for workouts for women all you need is a simple weight based program that involves all the compound exercises and a cardio program as the more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolic rate is. Alternate the programs and have good rest and the weight will fall off. The harder you work the more weight you'll lose.

Katie said...

I agree with the statement where you said you need to do compound exercises and the more you lift the more you lose. But I don't agree with the notion that calories in should be less than calories out, its not that simple. That idea doesn't actually work because a calorie isn't just a calorie. I could have a 100 calories of broccoli or 100 calories of gummy bears. Its the same amount of calories but they both work differently in the body and causes different hormones to work. I think when people say this statement people suddenly think they need to eat less calories so they can burn more fat but if they do that, then they are under nourishing themselves and not providing enough nutrients for the body to grow and repair.

Anonymous said...

Its a true statement as it is the energy balance equation that is addressed in nutrition papers that are at level one and two university which I have been through. If you have a half decent diet then your nutritional needs will be met. If you want a little advice from an exercise professional I would be careful with the advice you give as people are constantly asking me how to loose weight and saying they read something posted on the net. With exercise prescription especially I am forever sending clients to physios as they have injuries like supra spinartous ruptures from incorrect prescription and doing too much too early. I think its a great idea what your doing just make sure you sources are academic.

Katie said...

Absolutely. I totally respect that comment! If you feel I am giving wrong info please feel free to tell me. I strive to always have a rational for everything I post but sometimes I am wrong and I like to be challenged so I can expand my knowledge. Thanks :)

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