Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Are you trying to find the 'right fat burner' that will give you a fit body tomorrow while you are still enjoying your cakes, cookies, ice cream and pizza?
Are you looking for the 'right exercise' that will make a certain body part look perfect after just one session?
Are you not even concerned with exercise or eating right, and looking for a magical potion, book or scheme to lose weight and be fit?
Are you eating 5 to 6 small healthy meals a day but thinking something is missing? You might be thinking maybe you need one less gram of carbs or an extra serving of protein and then you will wake up the next day with your dream body once you crank this crazy caper of finding the right magical nutrition combination that everyone is keeping secret from you? Or maybe you've been eating right for an entire 3 days and you are wondering why your body hasn't transformed yet. There is no secret magical food combination . In most cases it is not the food plan that is the problem, it's YOU! You are not following it or eating lots of crap in addition, thinking 'what difference will a little cookie or pizza make' and you are sabotaging your results.
Are you debating if you need to do your weight training in a full body workout style, or a body part split? And once you figure out the right answer you will be in tip top shape after one session? Either style workout is fine as long as you stick with it consistently.
Are you attempting to figure out if eating oatmeal is a better carb than brown rice? If so, you are seriously seeking some magic. It doesn't matter, they are both great carbs.
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you are searching for magic and probably wont reach your goals until you get real about being consistent, dedicated, and hard working all the time to reach your fitness goals over a period of time, not 2 days.
Many people are in complete denial that exercising and eating right consistently is the only way to be fit. Most problems happen when people are looking for a scheme to eat all the food they love and also have the best looking body possible. It comes down to a choice. I know if I were eating crappy foods I love (chocolate cake), I wont be able to have a fit looking body and I would not be happy about that.
Magical exercises don't exist. If legs are your weak point, do LEG exercises. Make sense? If arms are what you want to focus on do arm exercises. If any magic happens, it is when you do your workouts consistently, when you work HARD while working out, and when you eat right ALL the time. There is no magical routine.
Magical food combinations don't exists, aside from eating proper amount of food for your goals and eliminating the wrong food. Nutrition and workouts can always be improved, but there is no magic formula. If you want to see any magic happen, stop eating crap for a few weeks and you'll be amazed.
Progress takes time and only happens when you are consistent, so don't give up.
Advice for success
1. When you don't feel like working out, do it anyway. You'll feel better afterwards.
2. When you feel like eating pizza for dinner, eat grilled chicken instead, you will survive. You'll feel great about your choice the next day.
3. Keep doing the above every week consistently. Consistency is KEY!
You can keep searching and hoping and praying there is a magical potion, scheme or pill to get you where you want to be, but you'll just keep spinning your wheels. You already know what you need to do.. just put down the crap and you wont be wondering where your results are because you will see them for yourself.


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