Sunday, January 3, 2010
  • 10= Have more sex- sex has many health benefits. Studies suggest sex can boost your immune system and reduce sex
  • 9= Brush and floss your teeth- you might be surprised to learn that diabetes, low birth rate babies and heart disease all have been linked to gum and bone disease in the mouth, things that can be prevented by regular brushing, flossing and regular dentist visits. The bonus to good dental care is reduced tartar and plaque, fewer cavities, and avoidance of that nasty sounding gingivitis and bad smelling breath!!
  • 8= Use the sun- a little sunshine is good for your mood and allows the body to produce necessary vitamin D, but too much sun can cause skin cancer
  • 7= Drink less- drinking alcohol may have some benefits, but excessive drinking can lead to a whole host of health problems
  • 6= Wash your hands- having clean hands remains one of the best ways to prevent catching the an illness
  • 5= Get some rest- serious lack of sleep-less than 6 or 7 hours a night, has been associated with increased risks of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Lack of sleep can also contribute to auto accidents and on the job injuries
  • 4= Stop smoking- study after study has shown smoking is simply bad for your health. This is arguably the most no brainer of the list. There is a wide misconception that lung cancer is a smokers destiny. Indeed, smoking is responsible for 87% of all lung cancer deaths, but smoking-caused heart attacks and strokes kill more smokers than cancer does.
  • 3= Don't stress- simple lifestyle changes can drastically reduce stress. STRESS KILLS. It causes deterioration in everything from the gums to the heart and can make you more susceptible to a range of illnesses, from colds to cancer.
  • 2= Exercise- exercise improves blood flow to the brain and may help build new brain cells, recent studies show. The US centers for Disease Control and Prevention says avoidable behaviours like smoking, poor diet and a couch-potato lifestyle are the underlying causes of half of the deaths in the United States. The message is simple: GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING (almost anything), and you'll probably live longer and be healthier while you are alive
  • 1= Eat better- getting back to basics is the simplest way to ensure a healthy diet. Sure you have heard this before but society these days are becoming notorious for poor eating habits and rapidly getting worse, devouring on processed foods and fats, and excess sugar consumption that all lead to weight gain and increased risk for diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.


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