Saturday, January 16, 2010
I on going on holiday to the South Island on Monday. I am soo excited. We will be driving down so it will be such a fun road trip! On Monday we drive to Taupo and stay the night there. Hope fully have time to look around and do something. I next morning drive to Wellington. Maybe do some shopping and site seeing there!! We are planning on driving down to the south island as quick as we can so we can stay there longer. We only have two weeks off so we want to make the most of it!
At 8 in the morning we take the car ferry to Picton. It will be a 3 hour long trip with lovely views on a nice day! From there we go to Westport. I believe Westport is a small town and not much happening there. But Michel has a police friend there so we will stay the night with him. Not sure what he has got planned for us but im sure it will be fun!
And again the next day is more travelling!! We will be going to Greymouth to stay with friends. We will stay with them for three days. Hopefully go to Shantytown and visit the mines. And im sure they have some exciting things for us to do too..
We will be going the Hamner springs and staying the night there. Hopefully it will be a colder day so we can swim in the thermal pools!! It wouldn't b nice if it was too hot. Hamner springs is a beautiful town, im really looking forward to going there!
After that we will be going to stay another night in Picton so it next morning we can take the car ferry again! We will go to Hastings. Stay the night there.
From Hastings will go to Rotorua. I have wanted to go to Rotorua for awhile now. The last time I went I was extremely young and just remember the rotten egg smell and the thermal mud pools. We will spend to days there. We will be staying at a bed and breakfast place. Will be nice to have a homecooked breakfast!!
I really want to go on the Luge and to the thermal resort.
From there to Te Awamutu in Hamilton. Have some more friends there that we will be staying with for two nights.
At this stage we will almost be back home again!! The last stop is to visit Michel's mum at Maungataroto. We left our two beautiful dogs there while we will be gone. So we will stay the night there and then head back home with the dogs.
Will be a fantastic trip! Will take lots of photos for all to see. And will let you know how it went!


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