Friday, February 5, 2010
I'm finally back from holiday! It was amazing. It was great to get away from everything and not worry about setting alarms and do something for somebody else (work). I could do what I liked, when I likes and relax!
But now that we are back it is back to reality and achieving goals!
One of my goals is to get lean and sexy. So I have a secret for all. The secret to your exercise routine!
The secret is........
Metabolic Resistance Training
It has been proven that long duration cardio DOES NOT work!! So if cardio does not help you lose weight then what does??
Metabolic Resistance Training, of course.
MRT is hard, intense, muscle training that disturbs and disrupts your metabolism. This type of training will increase your EPOC ( excess post oxygen consumption ). EPOC simply stated is how long it takes your body to get back to resting levels after working out. If your workout is slow and steady, your EPOC will only be elevated for minutes. If your workout is hard and intense, your EPOC could be elevated for hours. Some studies have shown EPOC to stay elevated for 24 to 36 hours. INCREASED EPOC= INCREASED METABOLISM=BURNING CALORIES = FAT LOSS.
This is an example of a workout would be
Circuit #1 -beginner 1. Push-up, 10 reps 2. Bridge, 10 reps 3. Squats, 10 reps 4. Lunges, 10 reps Rest 60 to 90 seconds and repeat circuit as many times as you can
Circuit #2 -intermediate 1. Push-up- 15 reps 2. Squats - 15 reps 3. Dips - 15 reps 4. Pull-ups or Lat.Pulldowns - 10 to 15 * Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat the circuit as many times as you can.
Beaware these are intense workouts! You know you will be working hard because you will sweating like a pig!
These workouts are good if you can only workout 3 times a week or have limited equipment.
The advantage of MRT is:
-burns a lot of calories- even after the workout!
-creates a heavy after burn effect
-it respects our muscle mass
-it is very time efficient
-can be performed everywhere
-needs only minimal equipment
Now you know the secret of weight loss!
Give it a go and see what you think.


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