Sunday, February 28, 2010
So my Eat Clean Diet Book arrived in the mail the other day.
I have read page to page and love it! If any one is looking at becoming healthier, and losing weight this is the book to read.. There is no other way to lose weight but to eat CLEAN- foods in their whole natural state. You will not only lose weight, you will have soo much more energy that you have to exercise to get rid of the energy! your skin will glow, your hair becomes stronger and more shinier, you will be able to focus for longer and have more mental clarity, you wont crave sweet foods because you are always satisfied, you wont get sick as much, and most of all!: you will be happier and more confident.
What if you could be like this the REST OF YOUR LIFE?
That is exactly what this book is all about!! The word DIET is rather deceiving, its not at all a diet- it is a lifestyle! It is a change that can be made at any age or at anytime of your life.
It has pretty much the same guidelines as what I spoke about in my previous blog posting- eat lots of fruits and vegetables/whole grains and peer them with protein in every meal. It is so simple!
No starving yourself. In fact, you eat more!!!! More of nutrient dense foods. And you wont gain more fat by eating more. Your body needs all the nutrients and has a home and use for every single nutrient that goes into your body. The reason why we gain fat is because your body doesn't know what to do with trans fats and sugar, because it doesn't know what it is, so it gets stored as fat!
It also works for vegetarian and vegans. You just have to make sure you are still getting protein in every meal.
Here are the main guidelines of the eat clean diet:
  • eat more -eat six small meals each day
  • eat breakfast everyday, within an hour of rising
  • eat a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal
  • eat sufficient (two or three servings) healthy fats every day
  • drink two to three liters of water each day
  • carry a cooler packed with Clean foods each day
  • depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamins and enzymes
  • adhere to proper portion sizes
What to avoid:
  • avoid all over-processed foods, particularly white flour and sugar
  • avoid chemically charged foods
  • avoid foods containing preservatives
  • avoid artificial sugars
  • avoid artificial foods (such as processed cheese slices)
  • avoid saturated and trans fats
  • avoid sugar-loaded beverages, including colas and juices
  • avoid (or do your best to limit) alcohol intake
  • avoid all calorie-dense foods containing little or no nutritional value. I call these anti-foods
  • avoid super sizing your meals
These are simple and common sense rules huh? Funny how we seem to ignore our common sense sometimes.
Another important thing I should mention is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.. If you feel like shit after a certain meal, your body is sending you a sign that it doesn't like it!! Make sure you find out exactly what your body doesn't like, ie. gluten etc and remove it from your diet.
Even if you don't want to lose weight, do it for your body. Your body deserves it! Think of your body as a precise gift, treasure and care for it, because you only get one chance!! Do it right from the start. It isn't "hard" to transfer over to eating healthy. Either do it step by step or go into it with full force, however suits you! But once you get into it and see the transformations, you wont go back!! PROMISE
Start now and enjoy the process.
Plant the seed and cultivate your life.
It is more than worth it.
Follow the guidelines stated above and buy the book for extra tips and motivation.
I will defiantly let you know how my progress goes. I have taken the before photos. Will put the after shots up in a few weeks so you can see the difference it has made over a few weeks. You should try it to!!


David Brown said...


It's finally coming out that saturated fats are not a health hazard. Here's an article recently published in the Washington Post.

Of course, once you read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Good Calories, Bad Calories, you'll have a good handle on this.

Katie said...

Thank you for the websites! I will get onto reading them. I learnt a lot about saturated fats from I'd love to read their book.

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