Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Sooo... my wedding is next year... and I have gained a bit of weight over the last two months so I need to work on getting into shape!
My goals for toning up is getting a tighter bum, flatter stomach and a sexy back.
I want more energy, to be healthier and be less sick, be stronger, leaner and sexier.
I have been watching Zuzana on Youtube lately. She is an inspiration for all who want to get into shape. She does quick workouts-20/30mins long and very intensive. As stated in my last blog that is the best and only way to lose weight.
I will be following her workouts- timing, recording number of reps, number of rounds etc all in a journal so I can see how my progress is going. After a couple of months I will re-do these workouts again to see if I have gotten stronger by beating my old times.
In the journal I will also be keeping a food journal.. Research is continuing showing that food journals works to assist in losing weight. The main reason is to make people realize what exactly you are eating, it also helps you identify which foods are holding you back and slowing your metabolism.
I will be doing her workouts a few times a week, along with kettlebell workouts, and maybe some swimming and walking here and there. Research has shown that kettlebell training burns 1200 calories an hour!!!! That is crazy. If you have it in your home, you would be nuts not to use it! If not, go and invest in one!!
I will show you some healthy recipes that I am very fond of too.
If anyone else is keen in losing weight together with me, give me a comment below! :)


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