Thursday, February 25, 2010
If you want to lose weight it is best to focus on small progressions rather than perfection.
I have a new goal with eating. I will try to eat 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day!!
Fruit and vegies are high in nutrients and low in calories.
I will serve each fruit and vegie with protein. ie. yoghurt, chicken, eggs etc
10 servings sounds like a lot but if you divide it throughout the day, it really isnt that much!
You should be eating 5-6 times a day. This boosts your metabolism, always keeps you satisfied so you don't splurge on trashy foods by regulating your blood sugar levels. You don't want to starve yourself because your body thinks you are in a famine and will start storing fat and your metabolism will slow down!!
So if you have two servings of produce for each meal, you will easily reach 10.
Another tip is; if you find you are having a problem with craving sugary foods after dinner or after a meal, you may need to increase your saturated fat content.. Coconut oil is a really healthy oil! Tastes nice to!
MAKE SURE PRODUCE IS ORGANIC. We are wanting to get rid of toxins not invite more into our bodies. Its worth it.
Serving sizes:
  • 1 fruit serving 1/2 cup, about a handful
  • 1 raw/cooked veggie serving is 1/2 cup, about a handful
  • 1 leafy greens serving is 1 cup, about the size of your fist
Enjoy! I will eat purposefully and consistently for 4 weeks and I will show you photos of the results at the end. (Before and after photos are great motivation)


Peter Waskowsky said...

I don't have to wait for pictures, I'll see the work in progression. I won't tempt you with any of our local cuisine, such as Indian, Chinese and your favourite greasy, cheasy pizza.

Seriously good blog, congratulations.

Katie said...

Haha thanks Peter!!!

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