Tuesday, January 5, 2010
It is that time of the year again to reflect on the past and make new goals for the year. I love this time because I get so motivated and excited about life!
I had a FANTASTIC 2009. I completed my second year nursing and I feel as if I really am becoming a registered nurse now. I joined the Ambulance service which I totally LOVE doing! I not only enjoy the excitement of the call outs and learning so much about people and the human body but also the fact that it is voluntary work makes it special. People pay more attention and respect you more when they know you are doing something self-less and important for the community. I have also set the wedding date! Very exciting!! Lots of planning to come! I feel as though my life is coming together finally (as cheesy as it sounds :) lol).
This year will be a big and exciting one! I have lots of things happening this year which I am totally excited about.
This is my last year of nursing! I will become a registered nurse (i love the sound of that!), I will be earning an income for a change haha, have lots of responsibility, learn more than ever and meet lots of talented and intelligent people.
I will be doing the voluntary ambulance work.
Planning for the wedding.
So many more that I can't think of, but as the year goes by it will get busier, as always.
So now for my new years resolutions!
EXERCISE: this is always on the top of every ones list! I want to push myself harder than I did last year, exercise more regularly and become sexy, lean and toned for the wedding. Its my day so I gotta look good! I also want to age well to- no wrinkles, no diseases, be mobile and fit when I'm 80, and not spend my last years in a rest home, I want to die with dignity and feel proud.
DIET: this is another common one that people like to improve on. Its the basic things in life that we seem to struggle with. I guess thats how life goes. If you achieve the basics then you have achieved in life. The main thing I want to achieve with my diet is to start cooking healthier and learn how to cook like they did a hundred years ago, making own stock from scratch, learning how to prepare grains, learning how to ferment vegetables and culture milk, and learn to cook delicious but healthy meals! This will make me full of energy and help me with my fitness and body goals.
SPIRITUALITY: I would like to start meditating. Even if it is just 5 or 10mins a day. I want to have more time to myself and reflect on the day, meditate on what I want to achieve with my life.
LIFE IN GENERAL: I want to have a good laugh every single day and feel like a kid, get excited over the little things and not worry about any other problems that people are faced with, it could be worse. I also want to focus on the things that make me happy. I want to always please others first and forget about what I enjoy doing.
STUDY: This year will be a tough time with my studies so I need to be focused and do the hardest that I can. Stop the procrastination and finding excuses not to do it. Procrastination wont make me a great and talented nurse.
BLOG: And last but not least I want to carry on with this blog. Its a way to speak my mind and do what I enjoy doing- researching food and diet and living a healthy lifestyle. I not only want to make my own lifestyle great but I want to teach others also! If I want to be a good teacher I need to preach what I teach.
DREAMS: Dreams of the future are always important to think about. The dreams in the future that I would love to accomplish is: do my masters in nursing and start my own holistic clinic. I believe that any disease is curable and drugs are not always needed, its just masking the symptoms and doesn't fix the problems. It all starts with the nutrition. I want to start learning dutch. I always say I will but never do it. Its hard to do when living in an english speaking country. And possibly write my own book.
Whenever I lose motivation I will always look at this post and I know it will keep me moving and staying motivated.
You might think that this is a lot of goals for the year but you can never have too much. They are all achievable goals if you stick to it and make it a habit.
It is a good idea for every body to write down their goals and put it somewhere where you will regulary see it. I have started a vision board so I will be putting it on there and it will also be on here as well.
Please post a comment of your goals for the year too. I am very excited to hear them :)


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