Tuesday, January 5, 2010
So I finally did my first workout of the year! I knew I had to do it today other wise I will never be able to get back into the routine.. Its been awhile. December is such a busy month with parties, work-do's, christmas, new years, that I kept postponing my workouts and along with the over eating, it was well over due that I did a work out ;p
It was very short (15mins). Shockingly, that was all I could handle! But it was incredibly intense!
I love short, intense workouts because it boosts your metabolism and really increases your heart rate. It is also strength training so I am building muscle and burning calories for the rest of the day. What more could you want?? :)
I'm glad I did it because when I stop working out for awhile I felt really tired, lazy and obviously have the risk of gaining weight. I love the feeling of successfully completing a workout and feeling like you have completed something great.
What a great start to the year!!
What I did:
3 exercises and 3 rounds
Toe touch downs and jump (15 reps)- squat, down touch your left and burst up into the air- thats one rep.
Plank variation (10 reps)- Start in push up position and drop down to your forearms, then get up again to push up position- thats one rep.
Assisted v-sits (15 reps)- sit with your hands behind your bum and your knees towards your chest, as you bend your arms extend your legs and then back to starting position
I'm bringing sexy back ;)
I love Jennifer Nicole Lee and Jessica Alba
Jesiica again
Best of luck to your new year plans. Lets concur and achieve the bodies we always dream of... IT IS POSSIBLE! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!


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