Friday, March 12, 2010
It occurred to me that some of my blog posts have "extreme" views. I do agree upon this statement because after reading numerous articles and books on nutrition now, my views of eating has totally changed. Not everyone has to adopt this way of thinking, it is also a way to show you how serious of an impact some foods can have on your body system.
But 'anywho', this post is about "keeping things simple". This is great advice for people who want to become healthier and don't know where to start. We have all noticed that the medical industry has become over complicated, along with research on what foods to eat. Because there is so much controversial information out there at the moment, it makes it hard for people to know what foods to eat. So in this instance it is important to keep things simple and not freak about what you should be eating. I will give some advice in general on the best way to stay on track to being a healthy eater.
So I've said this before: every meal should consist of protein and produce (fruit and vegetables).
This will boost your metabolism, ensure you are full for longer and less likely to pig out on junk food.
To help kick start your meal planning process, here's a list of Must Have animal and plant protein sources.
Best Animal Based Protein Sources
1. Grass fed beef
2. Fowl- Chicken/Turkey- preferably organic and free range
3. Fish/Seafood- Wild Salmon and Tuna
4. Eggs
5. Dairy- raw milk, plain yogurt, organic cottage cheese
Best Plant Based Protein Sources
1. Legumes/Beans- lentils, black, kidney and garbanzo beans
2. Nuts- almonds etc
3. Whole grains- quinoa, kamut and millet
4. Soy- organic unprocessed, fermented soy only (meaning not commercialized soy products you see in the supermarket. I personally do not eat soy based on the conflicting information that I find. This is an individual choice and if you choose to eat soy, just make sure it is tempeh and miso.


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