Thursday, March 25, 2010
I noticed that a lot of people get hung up on reading labels. It is a good way of finding out the nutritional content. But there are a lot of flaws with labels. The food marketers have a way of highlighting what they want you to notice. ie. low fat, cholesterol free, organic, sugar-free, natural etc.
People also like to look at how much carbohydrate, fat and protein there are in a certain product. It can be good to know this but it isn't really necessary.
Many food products today are riddled with chemicals. Yes, I said chemicals!
In order to avoid these chemicals, it is important to read the ingredient lists.
Over the next few posts I will be writing a bit about the ingredients to avoid and why they are so bad for your health.
Basically, when reading the nutritional label make sure the product has no more than 5 ingredients. Also make sure you know what they are! If you can't pronounce it then it is not food. Or another idea is to ask your self if your great grandmother would know what that food is. Again if she wont recognize it, then its not good for you.
The chemicals I want to enlighten you with is: artificial food colouring, sodium nitrate, soybean oil, artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and high fructose corn syrup.
If you have any processed foods in your cupboard, go and grab them and I can guarantee that it will have one of those ingredients, some of them may have more than one.
Be considerate of your body, it is a blessing to be healthy. I love the saying "medicine is in your refrigerator"
"Let food be your medicine and medicine your food. Whosoever gives these things no consideration and is ignorant of them, how can he understand the disease of man?" - Hippocrates


Danielle said...

Aspartame!! Phenephayline (is that how you spell it??) (950 &951)- theyre baddies, in pretty much all low fat "deit" stuff, you have to be really careful these days because this stuff isn't metabolised effectively by the body so it builds up in your body to toxic levels =(

Katie said...

Thats right! It's every where. Nasty stuff. It is a neurotoxin and there is actually a tone of scientific information out there on how bad it really is.. Apparently over 70% of the foods consumed in the western diet didn't even exist ten thousand years ago!!

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